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Nomad Caviar


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Curated by Elliot Faber for NOMAD Caviar. We have chosen to work with the House of Rairaku who was appointed to be the first sake maker for Sunday's Spirits.


The Sunday's Junmai and Nigori have been a staple at Yardbird Hong Kong and around the city since its inception.

The Ibaraki family who own Rairaku are from a town called Akashi, just a short distance from Kobe and Osaka. They are small, quality driven, community focused and extremely local in their production process so they were a logical choice for the NOMAD team who share similar values.


We worked with the family to create a blend that features local Yamadanishiki rice with each grain polished to at least 58% of its original size. We all agreed that this sake should be pasteurized to perfectly match the texture of caviar. We also decided to dilute the sake with their local water from its usual 17% to 15% abv. This softens the sake and brings a layer of minerality to compliment the salinity of the caviar.

"I loved working with NOMAD Caviar on this project and feel that the Ibaraki family and I managed to create the ideal sake for caviar. I ate copious amounts of caviar with the NOMAD team, drank loads of sake and didn't stop until I knew the perfect style for the Ibaraki family to make" - Elliot Faber.

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