The Nomad story starts off with a love of caviar. We didn’t want to keep it to ourselves. 

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We needed to share this fantastic product with our family and friends.

The trouble is that many of the people that we preached to saw caviar as a little too expensive and old fashioned for them...


...unaware of the fantastic health benefits and its complex flavours

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So we had a great idea!


Why not host amazing dinner parties and squeeze in some delicious caviar at an opportune moment? Once our guests tried it, they couldn’t get enough of the good stuff!

But the growing demand for caviar amongst our new converts leads to a new dilemma. We were spending more and more on caviar by the week and wondered if there was a way to cut out the middlemen and buy directly from the producers.

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After extensive research, travels, and numerous tastings, we finally found the perfect farms to collaborate with our vision. Supporting a sustainable farm and sharing the savings with our friends, what could be better


Well by starting NOMAD CAVIAR,

we are going one step further.

Taking those founding principles to bring only the best produce from farm to table so you can enjoy caviar the way it should be.